Pros And Cons of The Leading Crypto Exchanges of The World

Concerns regarding the security and safety of open-source software are common. Many have questioned if open source’s fundamental openness is too shaky (and, well, simply too open) for various application scenarios in the wake of scares like Heartbleed. The other argument, however, contends that because open-source technology is subject to more “eyes and hands”. Than proprietary technology, it may be stronger overall.

Each day, the population of people who trade in cryptos has been increasing and with the increase in the users, the number of crypto exchanges has also been growing. There are more than 500 crypto exchanges in the world that an individual can use but the best ones are sometimes unknown to them some cannot choose the best one for themselves. In this post, we will discuss the leading crypto exchanges of the world along with their pros and cons.

Why do crypto day trades?

Making money is the main motivation for day trading cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrency values are more erratic than those of any other asset class, traders who are familiar with the market can take advantage of this.

The cryptocurrency market may be profitable for you if you can analyse patterns and have a sound day trading strategy for cryptocurrencies. Because it provides prospects for the short term, day trading cryptocurrency is also fantastic. You can day trade and make money from the market in such a short amount of time as opposed to purchasing, holding, or taking long holdings.

Now, without wasting any more time let us, straight dive, into the pros and cons of different crypto exchanges available to the public.

Coinbase as your crypto exchange 

Coinbase makes it very easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It is very easy to navigate through the tools of Coinbase and the slick design makes it aesthetic to use and provides an overall great user experience.

It is rated a 4.5 out of 5 on forbes and has become the most used crypto exchange platform in USA. Despite its popularity in USA, the fee which they charge remain on the higher end. They charge 0.5% spread fee + 1.49% Coinbase fee for purchases which are atleast $200. Other than this, there is nothing stated officially.

They have a wide selection of coins and the coins available on their platform are one of the most bought and sold in the world. While using Coinbase, you can be relaxe because you need a low account minimum. The smooth and very convenient user experience is says to be the main reason behind the success of Coinbase.

However, the fee which they charge is way more than the industry average and the structure of the fee is difficult to understand which makes the situation of the overall fee payment even more puzzled. Newcomers to the cryptocurrency world will be impress by how simple it is to purchase cryptocurrency using Coinbase. But newcomers might not completely understand how expensive that convenience might be.

Small-dollar transactions can easily accrue fees that are 15% of their value, drastically restricting the growth of your investment. If you need guidance in using Coinbase then you will not have to worry about it because we at Crypto Help Desk provide all of our customers with Coinbase Support Phone Number.

Using Bittrex as your crypto exchange

Bittrex supports more than 400 different coins and can fill the need of the advanced and experienced crypto traders. They charge a very competitive fee starting at 0.35%/0.35% but is not the lowest in the industry. The still promise to provide a strong level of security by whitelisting wallet and IP address which will help you to protect your coins.

However, Bittrex is not available in all the 50 states of the USA and dose not even offer margin trading.

Even though it supports to purchase several coins, it still lacks multiple advanced features which the experienced traders would demand. Users who are not experts should be aware that Bittrex’s instant buy platform may have uncompetitive spread fees, and knowledgeable traders may prefer more sophisticated solutions like margin trading.

If you are among the population of individuals who have just started to trade or are looking to trade in the near future and every little information about the same then you can start trading on Bittrex because we will help you by providing Bittrex Customer Support Phone Number.

Kraken crypto exchange services

Kraken is an experienced crypto exchange platform and it was launched just two years after Bitcoin. Kraken has ensured to offer a platform the top level of security with more than 120 coins to trade with in the USA. Using this platform can make you earn required for your crypto that too at a price point at the lower side of the average.

The fee which they charge is flat and is 0.9% stable coins/ 1.5% other crypto. It is use by a number of experience traders because of the sophisticate features like staking and margin trading. Moreover, they have a good customer service option and there are high chances of your queries to be resolves within 24 hours.

If you want to trade in bitcoin then this could be what you want because they offer a relatively low bitcoin withdrawal fee. New traders can use this platform for both trading and to educate themselves regarding trading as there is a lot of educational material available here.

However, they only accept a few fiat currencies. And Kraken is not available in all the 50 states of the USA. Which makes it a less popular choice for a lot of individuals. Kraken is rated a 4.6 out of 5 on forbes and the individuals who are facing any difficulty using it can use our service of Kraken Support Phone Number as we at Crypto Help Desk are very well known to clear all the doubts of our customers and resolve any problems which they face.

Trust Wallets pros and cons as a crypto exchange 

They have more than 10 million downloads on both play store and the app store combines. And are well known platform. However, they lack good security measures and they aren’t the best when it comes to security. It is therefore better suits for transactions than for storage. Since, it is a different one and a lot of people might find difficulty using it, we provide Trust Wallet customer service number so that you contact us on them and clear all of your queries.

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