Tips To Protect Yourself From Scammers in Binance P2P

If you’re a seasoned P2P trader, you’ve probably encountered a few P2P scams aimed at stealing your assets or private information. If you’re new to P2P trading, read this blog to learn from the mistakes of others.

·         Use Trustworthy Platforms for KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations aren’t the most popular aspect of cryptocurrency trading, but we’re required to follow them, and they protect you from scammers. All Binance P2P traders must complete basic identity verification, significantly reducing the risk of transacting with fake or stolen accounts.

·         For Your P2P account, Use a Distinct Email Address and Password

We understand how difficult it is to remember our emails and passwords, so we prefer to use the same email and password for all our accounts. However, this is risky behavior because any potential breach of one account or website will compromise your other accounts because they share the same email address or password.

It only takes a handful of time to create a new email address, and many email providers, including Gmail, Protonmail, and Outlook, will do so for free.

You can use a free password manager like LastPass, Bitwarden, or Dashlane to create and store unique and secure passwords.

·         Share No Sensitive Information

Obtaining someone’s login information is the simplest way to steal their money. It’s even easier if the account owner willingly gives the hacker these details.

Never give out your login information to a counterparty, and never give out your password to anyone. Not even to customer service. Binance customer service will never ask for your password, and if they do, you can be confident that they are a malicious actor.

·         Never Trade Outside of P2P Platforms

There may be times when the counterparty requests that you continue the trade outside the trading platform. They will argue that by doing so, both of you will save money on fees (Binance P2P has no fees), but in most cases, this is just a scammer attempting to divert your attention away from the security of Binance P2P.

It’s not certain whether you can be assisted or not with any issues that may arise as a result of communication with the counterparty outside of Binance P2P.

·         Bookmark the P2P website

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies attracts scammers who devise novel methods to steal your assets and data. Fake phishing websites are one of these methods.

These websites impersonate legitimate P2P trading platforms or crypto wallets, making you believe that you are interacting with a legitimate website. You’ll be induced to enter your login information or recovery seed, but nothing will happen. You just gave hackers your information, and your assets are now at risk.

It’s best to always double-check that you’re visiting the correct URL and that there are no typos or unusual characters in the URL. The most straightforward path to avoid this is to bookmark your favorite trading platforms & wallets instead of manually entering the URL.

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Tips To Protect Yourself From Scammers in Binance P2P

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