Kraken vs. Kucoin – Which Crypto Exchange To Go For

Kraken and Kucoin are two distinct cryptocurrency exchanges, each with its own distinct approach to providing cryptocurrency services to its customers. Kraken prioritizes quality and security, whereas Kucoin prioritizes quantity and diversity of services. Kucoin is one of the world’s most popular exchanges, and Kraken works hard to make it as valuable for professional traders as possible.

  • Kraken vs. Kucoin – Supported Coins: Kucoin has a much more extensive selection of cryptocurrencies than Kraken. This is part of its core offering, as it positions itself as a cryptocurrency exchange that is always up to date on the latest digital assets. Kraken focuses on providing a high volume of volume to its relatively small number of available cryptocurrencies. If a beginner is looking for variety, Kucoin is the better choice.
  • Kraken vs. Kucoin – Supported Fiat Currencies: Kraken focuses on a small number of countries, whereas Kucoin strives to be as global as possible. As a result, Kucoin accepts significantly more fiat currencies than Kraken. Depending on the fiat currency, the ease with which it can be deposited into Kucoin varies. In comparison, Kraken has each fiat currency deposit method fairly well fleshed out.
  • Kraken vs. Kucoin – Fees & Expenses: Kraken’s fee and cost structure are more complex than Kucoin’s. Kucoin allows users to unlock lower fees based on the number of KCS (Kucoin Shares) they own. Kraken offers monthly trading volume discounts. Aside from the fact that Kraken offers fewer discounts than Kucoin, there are different fee structures for purchases made through the app, Kraken Pro, futures, and stablecoins. Kucoin only has different fees for spot and futures transactions. Both exchanges do not charge fees for cryptocurrency deposits, though Kraken does charge a fee for some assets’ address setup. When it comes to withdrawing fiat and cryptocurrency, both have comparable rates.
  • Kraken vs. Kucoin – Wallets: Kucoin has created its own non-custodial mobile wallet. Users can store a variety of cryptocurrencies, including the wallet’s signature token, KCS. Kraken does not have its own wallet, but it is a firm believer in the adage “not your keys, not your coins.” So, while Kraken does not create its own wallet, it encourages its users to use non-custodial wallets.
  • Kraken vs. Kucoin – Simplicity: Both the Kucoin and Kraken user interfaces can be perplexing for cryptocurrency newcomers. Neither is particularly simple to grasp. So, in order to determine a winner in the ease of use category, we can look at the learning portals developed by both companies. Kraken and Kucoin both provide educational materials and tutorials for their respective services. Kraken is easier to use for crypto beginners because it provides fewer features of higher quality than Kucoin.
  • Kraken vs. Kucoin – Security: Kraken is one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and has never been hacked. It encourages self-insurance, which means it has set aside company funds in case it is hacked and needs to reimburse users. Kucoin has previously hacked and has since improved its security standards.

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